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HS-01 Hood Dryer

The professional hood hairdryer for hairdressers is fully automatic with timer, thermostat, operation light and temperature control light. The HS-01 is easy to move around the salon, on pedestal with smooth rolling wheels.
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HS-02 Electric Foil Dispenser

  • Fully programmable – choice of  4 foil lengths and 4 fold options.
  • Perfect foil every time.
  • Produces perfectly cut and folded foils at the touch of a button.
  • Cuts and folds each strip immaculately.
  • Seriously reduces wasted foil costs.
  • Dramatically reduces staff costs on foil preparation.
  • Made in the UK
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HS-03 Dryer and Chair Combo

  • Modern Dryer & Chair Combo w/ Classic Style
  • Includes Extra Hot 980 Watt Dryer, Made in the USA
  • Dryer is UL & CSA Approved
  • Includes Time and Temperature Settings
  • Wide & Tall Tufted cushion
  • Removable Foam-Filled Seat Cushion
  • Matching Backwash Unit and Styling Chair to Furnish your Entire Salon
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